June 13, 2016

Conference on Jurisprudence, September 9-10, 2016, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

From Dr. Markéta Klusoňová, Professor of Law, Masaryk University, news of an interesting conference on Jurisprudence to be held September 9-10, 2016. Details below.  This conference is one of a series: for details on previous conferences, see here.

Legal Theory Department of Masaryk University in Brno is pleased to announce that

the Conference

Jurisprudence 2016

will take place 9 – 10th SEPTEMBER 2016

at Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Brno, Veveří 70, 611 80, Czech Republic.

International conference Jurisprudence 2016 will focus on the current issues of jurisprudence, especially on question of its nature as a science (as “Rechtswissenschaft”) or at least as a part of humanities. Discussions on the nature of jurisprudence are held continuously but the conference aims to open the space for current questions in this field. The conference will emphasize both general issues of legal science and relevant legal methodology.
Another widely debated question is whether the legal science has its own specific methods. If we consider the jurisprudence to be a science, it is necessary to specify a set of its scientific methods. However, there is still no generally accepted approach to the methodology of legal science.  To this date there has been little agreement on which methods are the least relevant or acceptable. The conference will emphasize all these challenging opinions addressing this crucial topic.
An integral part of the debate on jurisprudence is also its connection to other disciplines. We invite not only papers dealing with the general theory of legal science but also those highlighting its connection with other disciplines. The aim of the conference is therefore not primarily on particular methods of various legal disciplines, but mainly on the legal nature of science itself.
Specific topics that we encourage speakers to explore include the following:
-          The nature of jurisprudence and the general methodology of jurisprudence;
-          The empirical methodology in jurisprudence;
-          Narrative methodology in jurisprudence.

The conference is organized in cooperation with CENELT - Central European Network of Legal theorists.

Important dates                                            
Abstract submission deadline:                                  30 June 2016
Notice on acceptance deadline:                                20 July 2016
Conference date:                                                     9-10 September 2016

Conference fees
Regular registration                                                  100 EUR
Student registration                                                   75 EUR
Conference dinner                                                     35 EUR
(In order to register you have to create an account at the Faculty of Law Conference System.)

Further information is to be found at jurisprudence.law.muni.cz.
Working language of the conference is English.
The titles and the abstracts (200-300 words) of the presentations should be submitted by mail to jurisprudence2016@law.muni.cz
Please indicate your full name, affiliation and e-mail address for contact.
We are looking forward to your applications.

Kind regards, The Organizing Commitee of the Conference

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