June 22, 2016

New Book, A Transnational Study of Law and Justice on TV, Edited by Robson and Schulz, Due Out in October from Hart Publishing @hartpublishing

Due out in October, 2016, from Hart Publishing:

A Transnational Study of Law and Justice on TV (Peter Robson and Jennifer L. Schulz, eds.; Hart Publishing, 2016).

A description of the book's contents:

This collection examines the coverage of law and justice on television in different countries around the world. It provides a benchmark for further study of the nature and extent of television coverage of justice in fictional, reality and documentary forms. It does this by drawing on empirical work from a range of scholars in different jurisdictions. Each chapter looks at the raw data of how much "justice" material viewers were able to access in the multi-channel world of 2014 looking at three phases - apprehension (police); adjudication (lawyers), and disposition (prison/punishment). All of the authors indicate how television has developed in their countries. Some have extensive public service channels mixed with private media channels. Financing ranges from advertising to programme sponsorship to licensing arrangements. Some countries have mixtures of these. Each author also examines how "TV justice" has developed in each different jurisdiction. Readers will find interesting variations and some thought-provoking similarities. There are a lot of television shows focussed on legal themes that are imported around the world and the authors analyse these as well. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in law, popular culture, TV, or justice and provides an important addition to the literature due to its grounding in empirical data.

Below is a table of contents for the book (provided by editor Jennifer L. Schulz), including (modest cough) the contribution of the L&H blog editor.


1.     Introduction                Peter Robson and Jennifer L. Schulz
2.     Australia                     Cassandra Sharp
3.     Belgium                      Hilde Van den Bulck, Kathleen Custers and Jan Van den Bulck
4.     Britain                         Peter Robson
5.     Canada                        Jennifer L. Schulz
6.     Denmark                     Glen Odgaard
7.     France                         Barbara Villez with the collaboration of Valentin Rolando
8.     Germany                     Stefan Machura and Michael Böhnke
9.     Greece                         Nickos Myrtou, Stamatis Poulakidakos and Panagiota Nakou
10.  Israel                           Itay Ravid
11.  Italy                             Ferdinando Spina
12.  Poland                         Zosia Zawadzka
13.  Spain                           Anja Louis     
14.  Switzerland                 Lukas Musumeci and Fabian Odermatt
15.  USA                            Christine Corcos
16.  Contributors’ Bios
17.  Index of TV Shows
18.  Bibliography

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