July 31, 2021

Call For Abstracts: Better Call Saul and Philosophy: I Think, Therefore I Scam


Call for Abstracts!

Better Call Saul and Philosophy: I think, Therefore I Scam

Edited by Joshua Heter and Brett Coppenger

Abstracts are sought for a collection of essays on any philosophical topic related to the hit television series Better Call Saul to be published by Carus Books (this is the same editorial team that was long with Open Court Publishing). Potential contributors may want to examine previously published volumes such a Westworld & Philosophy as well as The Man in High Castle & Philosophy.

Abstracts and eventual essays should be written for an educated but non-specialized audience (with an approximate length of 10 to 12 pages).

Contributor Guidelines:

Email abstracts (and any questions) to: bettercallsaulandphilosophy@gmail.com

1. Abstracts should be between 100 - 500 words.

2. Potential contributors must include a resume/CV for each author/coauthor.

3. Initial submissions should be made by e-mail as either a Word doc. or a PDF.

4. Deadlines:

Abstracts due by August 15, 2021

First drafts due by November 15, 2021

Final drafts due by January 15, 2022

(Early submissions are encouraged and welcomed!)

July 29, 2021

The ACD (Arthur Conan Doyle) Society Is In Session! @AcdSociety

 The ACD Society has launched! The Society is devoted to studying and enjoying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works.

The Society awards prizes for the best scholarly writing about Doyle, so if you have nominations, please submit them! See the Society's website for instructions. (Full disclosure: your L&H Blog editor is a member of the Scholarly Writing Committee).

There are lots of other activities the Society promotes, including awards for fiction and poetry and for visual arts involving ACD, and a newsletter you can receive if you join. Membership is inexpensive ($10 a year). 

Follow the ACD Society on Twitter at @AcdSociety.

July 21, 2021

Gold on Copyright Fair Use from 1841 to 2021: What It Means For Copyright Protections Versus Free Speech Exceptions

Sara Gold, Eastman IP, has published Copyright Fair Use from 1841 to 2021: What It Means For Copyright Protections Versus Free Speech Exceptions in The Federal Lawyer, May/June 2021. Here is the abstract.
This article, published in the May/June 2021 edition of The Federal Lawyer, examines the jurisprudential and legislative history of copyright fair use in relation to its current status in American copyright law as an "affirmative defense." Fair use as an affirmative defense is relatively ingrained into modern U.S. copyright law, even though the Copyright Act does not use this label. Because fair use is treated as an affirmative defense, defendants wholly bear the burdens of production and persuasion on all four fair-use factors articulated in Section 107 of the Copyright Act. However, this full allocation to the defendant may reflect an imbalance between the rights of copyright holders and the rights of the public. These considerations are especially evident when it comes to summary judgment, which already places the onus on the defendant to eliminate issues of fact, and when it comes to the market harm factor, which requires the defendant to prove the absence of harm to markets that not it, but the plaintiff, owns. The Copyright Act's lack of specificity as to the procedural posture of fair use could support a currently untapped judicial flexibility when it comes to approaching fair use from this standpoint. As this article concludes, a procedural approach that takes into account the parties' relative access to evidence and information could bring copyright protection and copyright exception into better balance, furthering the goal of copyright law to foster creativity.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

July 20, 2021

Kenny on "Love Mounts to the Throne with Law": Citizenship in Northern Ireland and Seamus Heaney's Antigone @dkennytcd @TCDLawSchool

David Kenny, Trinity College Dublin School of Law, is publishing ‘Love Mounts to the Throne with Law’: Citizenship in Northern Ireland and Seamus Heaney’s Antigone in Law and Humanities (2022). Here is the abstract.
In this paper, I examine disputes about citizenship in Northern Ireland though the lens of poet Seamus Heaney’s 2004 version of Antigone, The Burial at Thebes. Citizenship and identity in Northern Ireland—if people are Irish or British—has been a central issue of the conflict there. The 1998 peace agreement promised to allow people to identify however they wished, and not be forced to adopt an identity they rejected. But recent controversies, including Brexit and a major legal challenge, have shown that the legal concept of citizenship has not been able to fulfil this promise. Sophocles’ Antigone presents a great clash between the authority of the State and deep personal/morality commitments, and the tragedy that result. Heaney’s Antigone casts light on the fundamental clash at the centre of citizenship, and points us toward a flexible, contextual multi-level citizenship as a solution to law’s rigid conception of what a citizen must be.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

July 19, 2021

Newly Published: Hedi Viterbo, Problematizing Law, Rights, and Childhood in Israel/Palestine (Cambridge University Press, 2021) @HediViterbo

Hedi Viterbo, Queen Mary University of London, has published Problematizing Law, Rights, and Childhood in Israel/Palestine (Cambridge University Press, 2021). Here from the publisher's website is a description of the book's contents.
In this book, Hedi Viterbo radically challenges our picture of law, human rights, and childhood, both in and beyond the Israel/Palestine context. He reveals how Israel, rather than disregarding international law and children’s rights, has used them to hone and legitimize its violence against Palestinians. He exposes the human rights community’s complicity in this situation, due to its problematic assumptions about childhood, its uncritical embrace of international law, and its recurring emulation of Israel’s security discourse. He examines how, and to what effect, both the state and its critics manufacture, shape, and weaponize the categories “child” and “adult.” Bridging disciplinary divides, Viterbo analyzes hundreds of previously unexamined sources, many of which are not publicly available. Bold, sophisticated, and informative, Problematizing Law, Rights, and Childhood in Israel/Palestine provides unique insights into the ever-tightening relationship between law, children’s rights, and state violence, at both the local and global levels.


July 14, 2021

Rostron and Levit on Information For Submitting Articles To Law Reviews & Journals @UMKCLaw @levitn

Allen Rostron and Nancy Levit, both of the University of Missouri, Kansas City, School of Law, have published Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals. Here is the abstract. 

 This document contains information about submitting articles to law reviews and journals, including the methods for submitting an article, any special formatting requirements, how to contact them to request an expedited review, and how to contact them to withdraw an article from consideration. It covers 196 law reviews. 

 Download the article from SSRN at the link.

July 12, 2021

Call For Papers: Law and Love, 2021 Law, Literature, and Humanities Association of Australasia Conference

 From Dr Timothy Peters, ARC DECRA Research Fellow, Senior Lecturer in Law, School of Law and Society, USC





Dear Friends,


It is our immense pleasure to invite you to the 2021 Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia Conference - Law and Love (in and beyond Pandemic Times): Images and Narratives, Histories and Cultures


Available online and in-person, we hope that this event continues the tradition of critical scholarship and community that has characterised our interdisciplinary family. Please find attached the Call for Papers, and submit your abstracts via our Conference website where you can find more information about the event.


We are so excited to welcome you to the Sunshine Coast (virtually or in-person) later this year!


Best wishes,


The Law and Love Conference Organising Committee

School of Law and Society

University of the Sunshine Coast

Sippy Downs, Queensland, Australia

Link to the conference website.