June 15, 2006

Bibliography of Law & Literature Works About Specific Writers

Need a list of works about Shakespeare and the law? Or about Kafka's The Trial? Do you need to find legal scholarship about Dostoyevsky, Dickens, Faulkner, or others?

If so, then you'll find my new bibliography at the Law & Humanities Institute website to be quite handy. This bibliography is of law and literature works about specific writers, organized by writer name and by literary work.

Google Shakespeare

Google has launched Google Shakespeare, a searchable online collection of all of Shakespeare's plays. According to the site:
Now Shakespeare's oeuvre is even more accessible. Search within Hamlet for "to be or not to be" to read the rest of his famous soliloquy. Find out who called the world his "oyster" and why. Browse through a familiar play – or follow your curiosity to discover a new one.