June 10, 2016

Jonathan Bailey @plagiarismtoday on Plagiarism and Popular Culture

Jonathan Bailey maintains and writes for the site Plagiarism Today. Here are some of his posts concerning Plagiarism and Pop Culture. While copyright infringement and plagiarism aren't the same thing, they implicate some of the same issues.

Plagiarism is an ethical issue. It involves using someone else's work and claiming it as your own. You can avoid a plagiarism accusation by acknowledging another's work by giving an appropriate citation. However, that doesn't mean you've avoided a copyright infringement problem.

Copyright infringement is a legal issue If you cannot claim the protection of fair use or some other defense, simply properly acknowledging the source doesn't mean you haven't also infringed someone's copyright. You might still need to get a license to use that person's material, for example (or some other kind of permission; copyright might not be the only IP involved).

Mr. Bailey's posts are a lot of fun to read, and give us things to chew on.

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