June 28, 2016

Some Legal Dramas For the Summer

ICYMI: two legal dramas of note for summertime binge watching.

Injustice is a British series (ITV) starring James Purefoy as barrister William (Will) Travers who leaves the practice of criminal law after an important case goes awry for him. But (of course) he's pulled back by the plight of various clients, much to his wife's (Dervla Kerwan's) despair. Injustice is well acted, well plotted, and mesmerizing. The series began in 2011; it's now on to Injustice 2.  Currently available in the U.S. on Amazon Video (free to stream with Prime membership); DVDs available from Netflix or for purchase from your favorite emporium.

Barbara's Law (original title La Loi de Barbara) is a French legal drama which aired on France 3 beginning in 2014. This show focuses on a French defense attorney with a lot of brains, confidence, and determination. She needs it; opposing counsel constantly try to undermine her. Josiane Balasko plays attorney Barbara Malo; Gerard Jugnot plays her young assistant Alexandre Laurent. Ms. Balasko left the series after the first three episodes and Gerard Jugnot took over as the central lawyer character.  A clever, sharp, show somewhat reminiscent of the short-lived David E. Kelley series Harry's Law because of the strong female characters. Again, available on Amazon Prime. I didn't see any English language subtitles as I was watching; there must be a way to invoke them because on the Amazon page, people complained about the subtitles (either they went by too quickly and/or they were inaccurate). 

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