June 28, 2016

McCrudden on Portraying Human Dignity Through Law and Art

Christopher McCrudden, Queen's University Belfast, School of Law, and University of Michigan Law School, is publishing On Portraying Human Dignity in Menschenrecht (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2016). Here is the abstract.
This article considers what, if anything, the use of Velázquez’s painting Las Meninas contributes to understanding of the conception of human dignity, drawing on several of Velázquez’s other paintings, including Juan de Pareja, The Buffoon Sebastián de Morra, El bufón Calabacillas, and Francisco Lezcano (El Niño de Vallecas). The work of Avishai Margalit, Emmanuel Levinas, and Hans Joas is drawn on to provide a theoretical structure for this endeavor. More broadly, I continue a conversation in the legal academy on how far resort to art forms such as literature and painting may help us understand problematic concepts in law and moral philosophy.
Download the essay from SSRN at the link.

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