May 15, 2016

"The Night Stalker" To Air On LMN June 12

On June 12 Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) will air made-for-tv movie The Night Stalker about an attorney seeking a confession from Richard Ramirez (the convicted serial killer known as "the Night Stalker"), whom she suspects to be the actual killer of a number of people, murders for which her client is going to be executed. Bellamy Young plays the attorney, Lou Diamond Phillips is Richard Ramirez, and others in the cast include Louis Herthum, Mark Kelly, and Annalisa Cochrane.

Another TV movie about Ramirez, Manhunt, starring A Martinez as a detective on the case, aired in 1989, and a film, Nightstalker, was released in 2002.

More here about the 2016 film from the Lifetime Movie Network website, IMDB, and

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