May 23, 2016

In Tandem: The Law and Cycling

Gabrielle J. Appleby, University of New South Wales, and Adam Webster, University of Adelaide, School of Law, have published Cycling and the Law at 39 UNSW Law Journal 129 (2016). Here is the abstract.
There is a strong connection between those associated with the law and cycling. It is possible to find cycling enthusiasts in all three arms of government: former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s love of cycling is well documented; members of the Commonwealth Parliament who also share this passion for the sport have formed their own cycling group – Riders on the Hill; and cyclists can be found within the judiciary. A love of lycra exists more broadly within the legal profession. Presumably it is the love of the physical activity rather than the laws regulating it that attracts those associated with the law to cycling. This article examines the latter.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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