May 10, 2016

Dodek, Woolley, and Wells on Ethical Lawyering: Stories From the Canadian Legal Profession

Adam M. Dodek, University of Ottawa, Common Law Section, Alice Woolley, University of Calgary, and Paul Wells, Maclean's, have published Front Matter for In Search of the Ethical Lawyer: Stories from the Canadian Legal Profession, in In Search of the Ethical Lawyer: Stories from the Canadian Legal Profession (UBC Press, 2016). Here is the abstract.
This paper contains the front matter - Table of Contents, Foreword by Paul Wells of Maclean's and the Introduction - to this book. We wrote this book in order to attempt to tell the stories about some important cases and people in Canadian legal ethics. All too often appellate cases and texts strip out the facts from cases. However, as any good lawyer will attest, the facts matter. Our goal in writing this book was to put the people back into the conversation about law, at least when it comes to Canadian legal ethics. In Search of the Ethical Lawyer contains stories about important cases, issues and people in Canadian legal ethics. It includes chapters by David Asper, Constance Backhouse, Janine Benedet, Brent Cotter, Richard Devlin, Adam Dodek, Trevor Farrow, Allan Hutchinson, Micah Rankin, Lorne Sossin and Alice Woolley. Here is the Table of Contents: Foreword / Paul Wells Introduction / Adam Dodek and Alice Woolley 1 Keeping Secrets or Saving Lives: What Is a Lawyer to Do? / Adam Dodek 2 Putting Up a Defence: Sex, Murder, and Videotapes / Allan C. Hutchinson 3 "No One’s Interested in Something You Didn’t Do": Freeing David Milgaard the Ugly Way / David Asper 4 "Begun in Faith, Continued in Determination": Burnley Allan (Rocky) Jones and the Egalitarian Practice of Law / Richard F. Devlin 5 Feminist Lawyering: Insiders and Outsiders / Janine Benedet 6 Gender and Race in the Construction of "Legal Professionalism": Historical Perspectives / Constance Backhouse 7 The Helping Profession: Can Pro Bono Lawyers Make Sick Children Well? / Lorne Sossin 8 A New Wave of Access to Justice Reform in Canada / Trevor C.W. Farrow 9 Michelle’s Story: Creativity and Meaning in Legal Practice / Alice Woolley 10 Ian Scott: Renaissance Man, Consummate Advocate, Attorney General Extraordinaire / W. Brent Cotter 11 Gerry Laarakker: From Rustic Rambo to Rebel with a Cause / Micah Rankin
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