May 18, 2016

A New Book on Juridical Space From Leif Dahlberg

Via Daniela Carpi of AIDEL:

Leif Dahlberg, Professor in Communication at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and Associate Professor in Comparative Literature, Stockholm University, Sweden, has published Spacing Law and Politics (Routledge, 2016). Here is a description of the contents from the publisher's website.

Examining the inherent spatiality of law, both theoretically and as social practice, this book presents a genealogical account of the emergence and the development of the juridical. In an analysis that stretches from ancient Greece, through late antiquity and early modern and modern Europe, and on to the contemporary courtroom, it considers legal and philosophical texts, artistic and literary works, as well as judicial practices, in order to elicit and document a series of critical moments in the history of juridical space. Offering a more nuanced understanding of law than that found in traditional philosophical, political or social accounts of legal history, Dahlberg forges a critical account of the intimate relations between law and politics that shows how juridical space is determined and conditioned in ways that are integral to the very functioning – and malfunctioning – of law.

 Spacing Law and Politics: The Constitution and Representation of the Juridical (Hardback) book cover

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