April 23, 2015

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law/Special Issue: After Equality

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Canadian Journal of Women and the Law/Revue Femmes et Droit
Volume 27, Number 1, April 2015 

Special Issue: After Equality / Après l'égalité

Introduction: After Equality
Robert Leckey, Régine Tremblay              

Introduction : Après l'égalité
Robert Leckey, Régine Tremblay              

D'un mythe à l'autre : de l'ignorance des lois à la présomption du choix éclairé chez les conjoints en union libre
Hélène Belleau

Nouvelles normativités de la famille : la garde partagée au Québec, en France et en Belgique
Denyse Côté, Florina Gaborean

Vulnerability, Equality, and Animals
Maneesha Deckha         

Comprendre le besoin de reconnaissance légale en matière de pluriparentalité : pistes de réflexion à partir des coparentalités gaies et lesbiennes
Cathy Herbrand               

Surrogates in Quebec: The Good, the Bad, and the Foreigner
Régine Tremblay             

Cohabitation Reform in England and Wales: Equality or Equity
Simone Wong   
Book Reviews / Chroniques bibliographiques
Elizabeth A. Sheehy, ed., Sexual Assault in Canada: Law, Legal Practice and Women's Activism, reviewed by Doris Buss and Jennifer Koshan
Robert Leckey, ed., After Legal Equality: Family, Sex, Kinship, reviewed by Darren Rosenblum

Submission Information

The CJWL/RFD is Canada's oldest feminist legal periodical. Since it began in 1985, the journal has provided a forum in which feminist writers from diverse backgrounds, speaking from a wide range of experience, can exchange ideas and information about legal issues that affect women. We are looking to build on this tradition and remain committed to reflecting a diversity of political, social, cultural, and economic thinking, unified by a shared interest in law reform.
We invite submissions from people who are engaged in feminist analysis of socio-legal issues that reflect a range of approaches, including multidisciplinary, action-focused, theoretical, and historical, and that reflect linguistic and regional differences in Canada. We particularly encourage submissions authored by women from different backgrounds, disciplines and jurisdictions who are doing new feminist work.

The CJWL/RFD is seeking papers for publication in the following sections of the CJWL/RFD: articles, review essays, commentaries, case comments, research notes, book reviews, and notes on Canadian and International events of interest to our readers. Comments on previously published materials are also welcome. The journal is a refereed publication.

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