April 28, 2015

A New Issue of Polemos (2015, Issue 1)

Here is the Table of Contents for Issue 1, 2015, of the journal Polemos (deGruyter). The subject is Shakespeare and the Law.

Pólemos 2015 | Volume 9 | Issue 1
Daniela Carpi and Jeanne Gaakeer:
Focus: Shakespeare and the Law 1

François Ost:
Weak Kings and Perverted Symbolism. How Shakespeare Treats the
Doctrine of the King’s Two Bodies 7

Gary Watt:
Free Will and Folly in As You Like It 15

Daniela Carpi:
Romeo and Juliet: The Importance of a Name 37

Andrew J. Majeske:
Unreliable Sources for Law: Dying Declarations in Shakespeare’s King John,
Othello & King Lear 51

Sidia Fiorato:
Disruptions and Negotiations of Identity in Act 1 of Shakespeare’s
Othello 61

John Casey Gooch:
Illegal Search and Seizure, Due Process, and the Rights of the Accused:
The Voices of Power in the Rhetoric of Los Angeles Police Chief
William H. Parker 83

Jeanne Gaakeer:
The Judge’s Voice: Literary and Legal Emblemata 99

Filippo Sgubbi:
Power and the Trial: The Tension Between Voices and Silence 125

Heinz Antor:
Voice, Authority and the Law in Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly
Gang 131

Chiara Battisti:
Silence, Power and Suicide in Michael Cunningham’s The Hours 157

Paola Carbone and Giuseppe Rossi:
Celsus and Chatwin go Walkabout 175

François Ost and Isabelle Ost:
Representing the Unrepresentable: Making Law Anyway? 199

Book Reviews

Chiara Battisti:
Gary Watt. Dress, Law and Naked Truth. A Cultural Study of Fashion
and Form 221

Maria Pina Fersini:
José Calvo González. Direito curvo 233

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