November 22, 2017

Via @maksdelmar: Conversation In Law and Society, a Project from the Center for the Study of Law and Society @CSLSatBerkeley

Of interest: Conversations in Law and Society, a project from the Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California, Berkeley Law.

These discussions began in 2010, and include interviews with Joseph R. Gusfield, Stewart Macaulay, Lawrence Friedman, Laura Nader, Marc Galanter, Jerome Skolnick, Sally Falk Moore, Sanford H. Kadish, William K. Muir, Harry N. Scheiber, Richard D. Schwartz, David M. and Louise G. Trubek, Robert A. Kagan, Sally Engle Merry, John and Jean Comaroff, Malcolm Feeley, Susan S. Silbey, Austin Sarat, and Kitty Calavita.

Via @maksdelmar. 

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