November 8, 2017

A New Issue of Amerikastudies/American Studies Devoted to Law and Poetry

Newly published:

Amerikastudien/American Studies, 2017, issue 2. This issue is devoted to Legal Poetics.

It includes an introduction by Birte Christ and Stephanie Mueller, Peter Schneck, Savage Properties and Violent Forms, Brook Thomas, Sidney Lanier, the Language of Paradox, and Staging Contradictory Political Ideals in the Battle for Civil Rights and the War against Terrorism during the Era of Reconstruction, Christa Buschendorf, Poet and Reader in the Witness Box: Society on Trial in Murial Rukeyser's Early Poetry, Michael Stanford, Poetry, Negative Capability, and the Law: James Wright's "A Poem About George Doty in the Death House" and "At the Executed Murder's Grave,"  Birte Christ, State Killing and the Poetic Series: George Elliott Clarke's "Execution Poems" and Jill McDonough's "Habeas Corpus," Stefanie Mueller, Exceeding Determinacy in the Language of Personhood: "Citizen United," Corporations, and the Poetry of Timothy Donnelly and Thomas Sayers Ellis, Lawrence Joseph, Three Poems, book reviews, and bibliography (publications in American studies from German-speaking countries, 2016).

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