October 8, 2017

Human Rights Lawyers in Films

Corallina Lopez-Curzi created this short list of human rights lawyers on film for Rights Info. While it includes Joe Miller from Philadelphia and Betty Ann Waters from Conviction, it also lists Erin Brockovich from the film of the same name, who isn't a lawyer (Ms. Lopez-Curzi concedes that). There are other human rights lawyers we could include, especially if we define "human rights lawyer" as she seems to, as lawyers who defend clients with rights claims, and not as lawyers who repeatedly take on human rights cases. Indeed, just about any lawyer could fill the bill.  How about Atticus Finch, the epitome of the human rights lawyer (To Kill a Mockingbird)? Jed Ward (iClass Action)? Sir Wilfred Robards (Witness for the Prosecution)? Paul Biegler (Anatomy of a Murder)? Martin Vail (Primal Fear)?  Kathryn Murphy (The Accused)? And of course Hans Rolfe and Richard Widmark in Judgment at Nuremberg?

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