September 18, 2017

New From OUP: New Directions in Law and Literature @OxUniPress

New from Oxford University Press: New Directions in Law and Literature (Elizabeth S. Anker and Bernadette Meyler, 2017). Here is a description of the contents.
After its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s, many wondered whether the law and literature movement would retain vitality. This collection of essays, featuring twenty-two prominent scholars from literature departments as well as law schools, showcases the vibrancy of recent work in the field while highlighting its many new directions. New Directions in Law and Literature furnishes an overview of where the field has been, its recent past, and its potential futures. Some of the essays examine the methodological choices that have affected the field; among these are concern for globalization, the integration of approaches from history and political theory, the application of new theoretical models from affect studies and queer theory, and expansion beyond text to performance and the image. Others grapple with particular intersections between law and literature, whether in copyright law, competing visions of alternatives to marriage, or the role of ornament in the law's construction of racialized bodies. The volume is designed to be a course book that is accessible to undergraduates and law students as well as relevant to academics with an interest in law and the humanities. The essays are simultaneously intended to be introductory and addressed to experts in law and literature. More than any other existing book in the field, New Directions furnishes a guide to the most exciting new work in law and literature while also situating that work within more established debates and conversations.

Table of Contents:

Part One-Genealogies and Futures
1) Elizabeth S. Anker and Bernadette Meyler, 2) Brook Thomas, 3) Caleb Smith, 4) Austin Sarat,
Part Two-Methods5) Martin Jay Stone, 6) Peter Brooks, 7) Ravit Reichman, 8) Janet Halley, 9) Lorna Hutson, 10) Bernadette Meyler, 11) Peter Goodrich, 12) Julie Stone Peters, 13) Elizabeth S. Anker,
Part Three-Cases
14) Anne Cheng, 15) Imani Perry, 16) Eric Cheyfitz and Shari Huhndorf, 17) Elliott Visconsi, 18) Elizabeth Emens, 19) Simon Stern, 20) Paul Saint-Amour, 21) Priscilla Wald, 22) Wai Chee Dimock,

The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. 

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