March 14, 2016

Murray on Law, Literature, and Courtroom Proceedings

Yxta Maya Murray, Loyola (Los Angeles) Law School, is publishing The Tyranny of Small Things in the Michigan Journal of Race & Law. Here is the abstract.
This legal-literary essay recounts a day I spent watching criminal sentencings in an Alhambra, California courthouse, emphasizing the sometimes quotidian, sometimes despairing, imports of those proceedings. I take leave of the courthouse marshaling arguments that resemble those of other scholars who tackle state overcriminalization and selective enforcement. My original addition exists in the granular attention I pay to the moment-by-moment effects of a sometimes baffling state power on poor and minority people. In this approach, I align myself with advocates of the law and literature school of thought who believe that the study (or, in this case, practice) of literature will aid the aims of justice by disclosing buried yet critical human experience and emotions.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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