March 2, 2016

A Conference on Forty Years in Law and Literature, April 17, 2016: Celebrating the Academic Career of Professor Richard H. Weisberg

From the Mailbox:

Forty Years in Law and Literature: A Festschrift Celebrating the Academic Career of Prof. Richard Weisberg

April 17, 2016 - 9:00am to 6:00pm

Jacob Burns Moot Court Room
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
55 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003


Speakers will present papers for discussion on a wide range of topics, including the genesis of Law and Literature as a field of study, its development as a movement, as well as its proliferation into other scholarly disciplines, such as Holocaust Studies and Constitutional Law.

Speakers will include:
Marguerite DeHuszar Allen, convener
Peter Brooks
Vivian Curran
Stanley Fish
Todd Grabarsky
Sanford Levinson
Susan Noakes
Michael Pantazakos
David A.J. Richards
Thane Rosenbaum
Jon-Christian Suggs
George Williams

This day-long event, including lunch and reception, is free and open to the public.

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