January 25, 2016

A New Legal Drama From NBC

NBC will be offering up another law-related drama, perhaps for the fall. This time, it's a soap (sorry, I should probably call it something else, like a legal relationship drama--LRD). Miranda's Rights (get it?) will center on a nearly thirty-year-old attorney who needs "redemption" after some sort of "sex scandal" and thinks she'll get it by partnering with some other (maybe younger) lawyers in a new firm. I can't quite tell from the limited information available from The Hollywood Reporter whether Miranda Coates, the "Miranda" of the title, is Hollywood's version of "ancient" at 28 compared to the "millennials" who are starting the firm. If so, that would be really sad.

NBC is also picking up Chicago Law, a fourth spinoff from Dick Wolf, as a scripted legal show, so legal series mavens may have a lot to choose from this coming year. 

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