August 25, 2015

True (Legal) Grit

Emily Zimmerman, Drexel University School of Law, and Leah Brogan, Drexel University, are publishing Grit and Legal Education in the Pace Law Review. Here is the abstract.
Although research indicates that grit predicts successful performance in a variety of contexts, grit is underexplored in the context of legal education. We investigated the relationship between grit and law school grade point average (GPA) among recent law school graduates. Contrary to expectations, a statistically significant correlation did not emerge between grit and law school GPA. However, average grit scores of women and men did significantly differ, with women reporting higher overall grit scores than men. Female and male participants’ law school GPAs did not significantly differ. This article discusses our research project and the questions regarding legal education that our findings raise. We also identify areas for further research regarding grit, legal education, and law practice.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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