August 10, 2015

Don Draper, Walter White, and Donald Trump

Thomas Batten explains the Donald Trump phenomenon in terms of antiheroes: Don Draper, Walter White, Tyrion Lannister, and Tony Soprano here (for the Guardian). He says in part:

Think about all they have in common – Tyrion’s cynicism and cunning, Don’s scorn for weakness, Tony’s rage, Walter White’s limitless ego. They’re all scoundrels who move through the world with an inordinate amount of swagger, and Americans, going back to 1773, love scoundrels with swagger. We love people who challenge authority and convention and get away with it. Thursday night, when Chris Wallace asked Trump if he thought a man who has declared bankruptcy multiple times was well suited to running the economy of an entire country, Trump’s response was to basically blow a raspberry and brag that he simply exploited the law.

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