January 3, 2013

News of a Law and Literature Conference, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, July 2013

News of a Law and Literature Conference, forthcoming, July 2013

“Law and Literature: experiences from my country”
Law and Literature  brings together different disciplines and hence different cultures with distinct disciplinary languages, methododologies and values, and as a result different approaches to narratives. It is on this plane that fruitful research can be done on what binds rather than divides the disciplines, law usually aiming at unity and closure and literature being more closely attentive to social diversity. This workshop aims to establish a platform for a literary-legal dialogue , not only about literary reflections on law and justice, or the academic study of law and law’s societal impact, but also about the possible contributions of the humanities to legal education and practice, for example with respect to humanistic methodologies for doing law. This workshop therefore invites both general theoretical and/or methodological explorations of the bonds of law and literature, and reflections on personal experiences and/or applications of literary-legal research in specific countries, jurisdictions or (professional) cultures, hence its subtitle.

Convenors: Marcelo Campos Galuppo, Jeanne Gaakeer, Vera Karam de Chueiri and Alberto Vespaziani

The Congress is held place in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), 21-28 July 2013.
Deadline for submission of abstracts:  28 February 2013
How to submit: via the IVR website under Paper Submissions (please note: not via email) so that those who intend to submit an abstract must first register via ,via www.ivr2013.org under Registrations.

Convenors’deadline for approval of submitted abstracts: 15 March 2013
Approved abstracts will be included in the official Congress Program abstracts book  when the congress fee is paid before 15 March 2013.

Deadline for payment is 21 June 2013.

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