December 31, 2012

What Else You Can Do With a Law Degree

What else can you do with a law degree? Check out Comedians at Law, the website of a bunch of recovering lawyers, licensed to make you laugh. (Or try to. Getting up in front of an audience is tough, tougher than teaching). Podcasts here. Speaking of--what is the noun of venery for a bunch of lawyers? A lawsuit of attorneys? A license of lawyers? A jury of mouthpieces? Richard Eisel suggests a "brief of attorneys" and "a gavel of judges."

Speaking of other uses for a law degree, if you still haven't checked out Bloomberg Law's Stealth Lawyers series here, it's still going strong (if the link doesn't work, try searching YouTube for "Bloomberg Law Stealth Lawyers", without the quotation marks). Dare I note(quite modestly) that Bloomberg also credits my research in a video in this series called "History's Stealth Lawyers"? Check it out here

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