December 21, 2011

The FTC Versus Santa

Poor Santa. As if he didn't have enough problems, what with having to contend with all those jets in his airspace, and children who question his existence, now he's been hit with a fine levied by the FTC. Apparently he has violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Read coverage by Jeff Jarvis here.

Hat tip to Daniel Solove at Concurring Opinions.

Lest you think that the FTC action is an isolated occurence, here are accounts of other litigation with which the Jolly Old Elf has had to deal.

Emotional distress and environmental lawsuits
Lawsuit filed over Santa's trampling of Grandma

By the way, can Santa sue you over those tempting (but calorie-laden) treats you leave him under the tree? Fear not. Check out this waiver.

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