March 16, 2011

Teen Mom 3: Out of the Library and Onto the Small Screen

The Chronicle of Higher Education's Gina Barreca speculates on how Teen Mom 3 would play out if its contestants included, say, Tess Durbeyfield, Hetty Sorel, and that little troublemaker Hester Prynne. Not only would it continue to draw the college student crowd, which already loves the show, but it would "help MTV and the producers avoid pesky lawsuits and various other forms of judicial actions incurred when the stars get arrested for domestic violence, drug possession, or overuse of heavy black eye-liner and “smoky” lid-color...".

I can see other positives. It would make Teen Mom 3 part of the law and lit curriculum. All of a sudden, Teen Mom 3 would be relevant not just in psychology, social work and criminal justice classes--it would be hip in lit. No more ha-ha-ing Hawthorne or har-har-ing Hardy. Fictional Teen Moms. I like it.

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