March 25, 2011

Iurisdictio-lex Malacitana: An Interesting Law and Humanities Blog

José Calvo González, Professor of Philosophy of Law, University of Malaga, writes the blog Iurisdictio-lex Malacitana in French, Spanish, and English (there might be a few more languages in there) on the intersections of law, the arts, philosophy, and narrative. Professor Calvo's most recent work is a book on Tolstoy and the law.
According to the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Roman Law, the Lex Malacitana, together with the Lex Salpensana, was found on bronze tablets in Spain, near Malaga. The Lex Malacitana contains information about "municipal assemblies, candidates in elections and voting, the adminsitration of municipal funds, tax-farming, fines, and the like." See Adolf Berger, Encyclopedia Dictionary of Roman Law, Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 43, part 2, n.s. (1953) at 559.

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