November 28, 2023

Davies on Spiro T. Agnew In His Own Words: 1973 and 1983 @horacefuller @GB2d

Ross E. Davies, George Mason Law School; The Green Bag, has published Spiro T. Agnew in His Own Words: 1973 and 1983 at 26 Green Bag 2d 327 (2023). Here is the abstract.
In 1983, Spiro T. Agnew inscribed a copy of his autobiography to a young recipient, with “the fervent hope that he will acquire a profound suspicion of the news media. History is only the accumulated perceptions of those in control of the machinery for its dissemination.” Agnew knew what he was talking about, having participated deeply — and profitably — in the dissemination of his own history. Oddly, a complete and accurate transcript of the nolo contendere proceedings that were an important part of that history is difficult to find. And so here it is, presented in the hope that its dissemination in the lowly but readily accessible Green Bag will contribute to a more complete and accurate accumulation of perceptions about Spiro T. Agnew, his words, and his deeds. Note: This work is (or will be) published by the Green Bag (, which hopes you will find it useful.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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