June 10, 2020

Call For Nominations: AALS Section on Women in Legal Education, 2021 RBG Lifetime Achievement Award

Call for Nominations for the AALS Section on Women in Legal Education

2021 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lifetime Achievement Award

The AALS Section on Women in Legal Education is pleased to open nominations for its 2021 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2013, the inaugural award honored Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Subsequent winners include Catharine A. MacKinnon (2014), Herma Hill Kay (2015), Marina Angel (2016), Martha Albertson Fineman (2017), Tamar Frankel (2018), Phoebe Haddon (2019), and Robin West (2020). All of these remarkable women were recognized for their outstanding impact and contributions to the Section on Women in Legal Education, the legal academy, and the legal profession.

The purpose of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lifetime Achievement Award is to honor an individual who has had a distinguished career of teaching, service, and scholarship for at least 20 years. The recipient should be someone who has impacted women, the legal community, the academy, and the issues that affect women through mentoring, writing, speaking, activism, and by providing opportunities to others.

The Section is now seeking nominations for this most prestigious award. Only individuals who are eligible for Section membership may make a nomination, and only individuals—not institutions, organizations, or law schools—are eligible for the award.  More than one person may nominate the same candidate; however, the number of nominations for any one nominee is not determinative of the winner.  As established by the Section’s Bylaws, the AALS Section on Women in Legal Education Executive Committee will select the award recipient, and the award will be presented at the 2021 AALS Annual Meeting. 

Nominations will only be accepted by filling out this electronic form on or before the August 30, 2020 deadline.  (Also available by entering the following in your browser:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JY6Y9LW.)

Should you have any difficulties completing the survey, please contact Victoria Haneman at:  VictoriaHaneman@creighton.edu.


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