April 23, 2019

Call For Proposals and Guest Editor, Law/Text/Culture, December 2020 Issue @law_text

Law/Text/Culture is seeking proposals and a guest editor for its special issue of volume 24 (2020). The issue is due for publication in December 2020.

The annual thematic special issue, curated by guest editors, is selected by the editorial board. Each issue
explores its theme across a range of genres, with scholarly essays and articles sitting alongside visual and
literary engagements. In this way, Law Text Culture excites unique intersectional and interdisciplinary
encounters with law in all its forms.
Proposals by potential guest editors should include:
• a concise description of the proposed theme;
• a draft call for papers setting out the aims and concepts of the issue; and how it fits within the remit
of the journal;
• an indication of the intended authors and how they are to be identified/contacted (eg whether the
proposal arises out of a seminar series, conference or workshop);
• the range of genres (poetry, scholarly essays, visual arts etc) expected to be included;
• an explanation of how the copy-editing will be completed, including whether the guest editor/s will
secure appropriate funding for copy-editing (usually approx $1000), or undertake the copy-editing
themselves; and
• brief details of the guest editor(s).
Proposals should be 1000 words (approx) and should be emailed to the Managing Editor by close of business
1 May 2019. For further information, including the role of guest editors, and the journal style guide, please
visit http://lha.uow.edu.au/law/LIRC/LTC/index.html. Details on the editors and themes of previous editions
of Law Text Culture are available at: http://ro.uow.edu.au/ltc/all_issues.html

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