April 18, 2018

Roz Watkins: The IP Lawyer Turns Mystery Novelist @Ipkat

The IPKat @Ipkat notes the publication of IP attorney turned crime novelist Roz Watkins' novel The Devil's Dice (HarperCollins).

Here's a description of the book's contents.

Detective Inspector Meg Dalton has recently returned to her Peak District roots to pick up the pieces after a breakdown, when a man's body is discovered in a cave. The man's initials and a figure of the Grim Reaper are carved into the cave wall behind his corpse, but bizarrely, the carvings have existed for over one hundred years. The locals talk about a mysterious family curse that started in the times of the witch trials, and Meg finds it increasingly hard to know who to trust. Even her own mother may be implicated. Meg finds her own life at risk as she fights to stop the murderer from killing again. The Literary Review described 'The Devil's Dice' as a 'smart, enjoyable debut', saying that "the setting is dramatic, the characters are convincing and the motive for murder, when eventually uncovered, is interesting."


More about Ms. Watkins here.

Would you like to read more mystery or crime fiction featuring IP lawyers? Try out Paul Goldstein's  Errors and Omissions (Random House, 2007),  Havana Requiem (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2012), and  A Patent Lie (Random House, 2008).

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