May 18, 2017

All the President's Movies @brianlfrye @RBReich

Some law and film recommendations published at Vox. com on the subject of Richard Nixon and Watergate from Robert Reich, Labor Secretary in the Clinton Administration and now Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. 

Included, besides All the President's Men, are the docs Frost/Nixon and Our Nixon (directed by Penny Lane and produced by Ms. Lane and my friend Brian Frye, now a professor of law at the University of Kentucky), and a number of film versions of events during and after the Watergate period.

For availability of these or other films and tv series, check out 

For books about the period, check out

John W. Dean, Blind Ambition (reprint 2016).

Stanley I. Kutler, The Wars of Watergate (1992).

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, All the President's Men (reprint, 2007).

Brian Frye also recommends Rick Perlstein, Nixonland (reprint, 2009).

Or just type watergate in the Amazon search template. L'embarras du choix.

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