April 24, 2017

A New Book From Philip Allott on Philosophy and Law (Elgar Publishing) @ElgarPublishing

New from Elgar Publishing:

Philip Allott, Professor Emeritus of International Public Law and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, has published Eutopia: New Philosophy and New Law for a Troubled World.  Here is a description of the book's contents.

The human world is in a mess. The human mind is in a mess. And now the human species is threatening its own survival by its own inventions and by war. For thousands of years, human beings conducted a great debate about the human condition and human possibilities, about philosophy and society and law.

In 1516, Thomas More, in his book Utopia, contributed to the ancient debate, at another time of profound transformation in the human world. In our own time, we have witnessed a collapse in intellectual life, and a collapse in the theory and practice of education. The old debate is, for all practical purposes, dead.

In 2016, Philip Allott’s Eutopia resumes the debate about the role of philosophy and society and law in making a better human future, responding to a human world that More could not have imagined. And he lets us hear the voices of some of those who contributed to the great debate in the past, voices that still resonate today.


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