September 18, 2016

For Your Consideration: Ars Technica @arstechnica Explains Mr. Robot

ICYMI: Ars Technica @arstechnica (with writers such as Nathan Mattise and Jonathan M. Gitlin) has been discussing the series Mr. Robot @whoismrrobot (USA Network) and its themes to law, politics, and pop culture since it premiered. The writers tackle these issues with gusto, and the pieces are informative and lively. Here are links to some essays.

Mr. Robot's Attention To Detail Even Extends To Campy, '80s Horror Flicks

Mr. Robot's First Season Was a Compelling Descent Into Madness

Mr. Robot's Tech Guru

You can also listen to podcasts about the show and its ins and outs: General link

Decrypted, episode 1 (season 2)

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