July 5, 2016

Visiting Researcher Program 2017, University of Lucerne

From Dr. Steven Howe,  Geschäftsführer & Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Institut für Juristische Grundlagen – lucernaiuris
Universität Luzern
Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Visiting Researcher Program: University of Lucerne/Universitaet Luzern

As part of its ongoing commitment to advancing interdisciplinary and international exchange, lucernaiurisintroduced, in Autumn 2013, a new Visiting Researcher Programme. The aim of the initiative is to support promising young scholars working in the fields of legal history, legal philosophy, legal theory and legal sociology. Successful applicants have the opportunity to conduct their research under the guidance of Law School faculty and in a stimulating climate of intellectual exchange and cooperation. They are also invited to participate in the institute’s own teaching and research programmes, and enjoy full access to our extensive specialist resources.
The programme is open to postgraduate and postdoctoral scholars pursuing research in areas related to the institute’s own research agenda. Applications are welcome not only from legal scholars but also those working in the social sciences and humanities, provided that the proposed research promises significant insights for the key research questions of the institute.

The institute applies a selection policy that takes account of academic excellence, international experience, gender equality and equality of people with disabilities.

  • Visiting Researcher Programme 2017
The call for applications for 2017 can be downloaded here. The deadline for submission is Sunday 20 November 2016.

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