December 2, 2015

Jiang and Hsu on Lorenz von Stein and Chinese Constitutional Legal History

Daw-Yij Jiang and Kuo-Ching Hsu, both of NAtional Sun Yat-sen University, have published Lorenz Von Stein and Chinese Constitutional Movement: A Reexamination of Legal History. Here is the abstract.
This article aims to explore the relationship between Lorenz von Stein and Chinese constitutional movement. It will undertake an historical comparison of events in order to interpret the development of the Chinese constitution during the late Qing and the early period of the Chinese Republic. It is well known that the Chinese constitution (1905-1916) was greatly influenced by the Meiji constitution, but it is often overlooked that the Meiji constitution was actually directly influenced by the German constitution, especially by Stein’s thoughts on political theory. It has always been acknowledged that Stein had an influence on Chinese constitution; however, the relationship was often associated with the connection between Germany, Japan, and China. In this article, we try to explore his influence on those who drafted the Meiji constitution to further understand Stein’s indirect influence on the Chinese constitution through those Japanese pioneers. In particular, we discover the dynamic law of historical change which presents in Stein’s writings, if we review the interactive law between state and society in the Chinese constitutional history.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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