September 15, 2015

U. S. Lawyers and Their Ideologies

Adam Bonica, Stanford Univesrity Department of Political Science, Adam S. Chilton, University of Chicago Law School, and Maya Sen, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, are publishing The Political Ideologies of American Lawyers in the Journal of Legal Analysis. Here is the abstract.
The ideology of American lawyers has been a persistent source of discussion and debate. Two obstacles, however, have prevented this topic from being systematically studied: the sheer number of attorneys in the United States and the need for a methodology that makes comparing the ideology of specific individuals possible. In this paper, we present a comprehensive mapping of lawyers’ ideologies that has overcome these hurdles. We use a new dataset that links the largest database of political ideology with the largest database of lawyers’ identities to complete the most extensive analysis of the political ideology of American lawyers ever conducted.
Download the text of the article from SSRN at the link.

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