June 23, 2015

Crowdsourcing Course Materials On Breaking News

Professor Chad Williams, like Professor Marcia Chatelain before him, decided to use social media (specifically Twitter), to crowdsource a syllabus on a breaking news event. Professor Chatelain, of Georgetown's Department of History, had used the Twitter hashtag of #FergusonSyllabus last year to crowdsource a syllabus on the deadly shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Professor Williams, of Brandeis University, crowdsourced a syllabus on the recent murders of nine worshippers at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston, South Carolina, using the #CharlestonShooting hashtag.  Great use of social media, particularly Twitter, to to encourage thought, get assistance from colleagues, and compile useful materials quickly. More here on  Professor Williams' project from the Chronicle of Higher Education, here on Professor Chatelain's project from the Atlantic.

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