May 20, 2015

A Symposium On Narrative & Metaphor In the Law

At Stanford Law School, January 30, 2016, a Symposium on Narrative & Metaphor in the Law.

Scheduled speakers are Linda L. Berger (UNLV, Las Vegas, Law School), Peter Brooks (Princeton), Raymond W. Gibbs (UC Santa Cruz), Michael Hanne (University of Auckland, New Zealand), Lawrence Joseph (St. John's University School of Law), Dahlia Lithwick (Slate Magazine), Bernadette Meyler (Stanford Law School), Greta Olson (University of Giessen), Roberto H. Potter (University of Central Florida), L. David Ritchie (Portland State University), Lawrence Rosen (Princeton University), Michael R. Smith (University of Wyoming College of Law), Kathryn M. Stanchi (Temple University School of Law), Simon Stern (University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Department of English), Meredith Wallis (Stanford University), Robert Weisberg (Stanford University), and Katharine Young (Boston College Law School).

Read more about the event here at its dedicated website.

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