February 25, 2015

Bruce Hay Wins Second Annual Penny Pether Award For Law and Language Scholarship

Amy Dillard, University of Baltimore School of Law, has announced:

On behalf of the award committee, it is my great pleasure to announce that Bruce Hay of Harvard Law School is the winner of the second annual Penny Pether Award for Law and Language Scholarship for his article The Damned Dolls, 26 Law and Literature 321 (2014).

Dozens of terrific articles and essays were nominated for the award.  In partial recognition of the strength and tremendous diversity of the works we were so lucky to read, we are also pleased to give honorable mention to Linda Edwards, Where Do the Prophets Stand?: Hamdi, Myth, and the Masters Tools, 13 U. Conn. Pub. Int. L. J. 43 (2013). 

The committee thanks to everyone who nominated authors for the award and to the authors themselves for their great work.  We are proud to review this work in an annual way to honor the legacy of Professor Penny Pether.  Please watch for our announcement for nominations in the fall.

Amy Dillard

J. Amy Dillard
Associate Professor of Law
Univ. of Baltimore School of Law
1420 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

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