October 11, 2011

Enter, Pursued By Student Loans

William A. Chamberlain, assistant dean, Law Career Strategy and Advancement, Northwestern University School of Law, discusses how acting skills can rev up that job search for young attorneys.

Life upon the wicked stage  
Ain't ever what a girl supposes/
Stage door Johnnies aren't raging
Over you with gems and roses/
When you let a feller hold your hand 
(Which means an extra beer or sandwich)
Eve'rybody whispers:  'Ain't her life a whirl?'/
Though you're warned against a roue'  
Ruining your reputation/
I have  played around the  one-night  trade 
Around a great big nation/
Wild old  men who give jewels and sables 
Only live in Aesop's Fables/
Life upon the wicked stage
Ain't nothing for a girl.

"Life Upon the Wicked Stage", Showboat
Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein II (1927)

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