August 1, 2011

A French Law and Film Blog

Check out the blog Droit et Cinema, a French site devoted to the subject of law and film. One post discusses
the fascinating film Commis d'office (2009), based on the novel by attorney Hannelore Cayre (she also directed). The poster doesn't seem to have liked the film as much as I did, finding it less realistic than it could have been, but still thinks it worth watching for its picture of an attorney caught in the day-to-day criminal justice system. The film (the title would translate as something like "Legal Aid" or perhaps "Public Defender") does not seem to be available in the U.S. although Amazon has copies of the novel (in French).
The site also gives links to a number of other interesting blogs, all in French.   

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Unknown said...

My wife speaks french. She is always raving about french films and how well they are created. I am going to refer this to her. I hope that she likes it.