June 14, 2011

Our Legislators' Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the state of higher education among state and federal legislators. It notes that "Depending on how 'most educated' is defined, it could be argued that Virginia tops the nation, on the basis of its high percentage of lawmakers with both bachelor's and advanced degrees. The state ranks second-highest in both categories, right behind California for legislators with four-year degrees and on the heels of New Jersey for advanced degrees, with 89 percent and 58 percent, respectively." A number of members in many state houses swear allegiance to one alma mater, which might matter in terms of funding. Members of Congress are more diverse--nearly all have college degrees, and many go out of state to get their degrees (many to private schools). More than half of our Senators are attorneys. More here. And here's a map with stats. Commentary and analysis here.

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