April 12, 2011

Arthur W. Maclean and the Legal Education of American Women

Ronald Chester, New England School of Law, has published History's Orphan: Arthur Maclean and the Legal Education of Women, at 51 American Journal of Legal History (April 2011). Here is the abstract.

Relatively few people, even American legal historians, recognize the name Arthur W. Maclean. This article aims to change that by reconstructing the life of this fascinating individual. Arthur MacLean was a pioneer in the legal education of women, who founded Portia Law School in Boston in 1908. MacLean ran that school (now the large, co-educational New England School of Law) as the world’s only all-women law school until 1938. His venture was not only unique, but for the most part highly successful. Yet, MacLean died in near-obscurity and his story nearly vanished from the history books – at least until now.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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