April 1, 2008

Filmmaker Jules Dassin Dies

Filmmaker Jules Dassin has died at the age of 96. Mr. Dassin was born in the US, where he began his career in the Yiddish theater. He made one of his most famous films, the noir classic The Naked City, in 1948. He eventually left the US for France after the House UnAmerican Activities hearings began and he fell under suspicion. He married his second wife, actress Melina Mercouri, there.

Among Mr. Dassin's other law related films are Rififi and Never On Sunday. He is survived by a daughter, actress Julie Dassin. His son, singer Joe Dassin, died in 1980. Read and hear more about Mr. Dassin here from NPR, here from Agence France Presse and here from the Los Angeles Times.

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