June 7, 2017

New Issue of Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics Devoted To Discussion of Images of Sexual Violence In Comics and Graphic Novels @JGNandComics

In the new issue of Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics: 

Mihaela Precup and Rebecca Scherr, Editorial, Sexual violence in comics

Erin Barry, Eight-page eroticism: sexual violence and the construction of normative masculinity in Tijuana Bibles

Lorna Piatti-Farnell, 'For God’s sake, cover yourself’: sexual violence, disrupted histories, and the gendered politics of patriotism in Watchmen 

Michael J. Prince, The magic of patriarchal oppression in Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell

Brenna Clarke Gray and David N. Wright, Decentering the sexual aggressor: sexual violence, trigger warnings and Bitch Planet 

Tiffany Hong, ‘Of course we record it’: legacy, textual violence, and fridging in Ales Kot’s Zero

Elizabeth Lowry, Book review: Matt Upson, C. Michael Hall, and Kevin Cannon, Information now: A Graphic Guide to student research 

Cormac McGarry, Book review, Bart Beaty and Benjamin Woo, The greatest comic book of all time: symbolic capital and the field of American comic books

Valentino L. Zullo, Book review, Barbara Brownie and Danny Graydon, The superhero costume: identity and disguise in fact and fiction

Eszter Szép, Book review, Daniel Worden, Jackson, A review of the comics of Joe Sacco. Journalism in a visual world

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