June 20, 2017

Miller on The Law of Time Travel @nyulaw @HUJILaw

Akiva A. Miller, New York University School of Law; Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law, has published The Law of Time Travel. Here is the abstract.
Even as time machines remain as fictional as ever, time-travel stories hold important lessons for legal reasoning. Starting from the ancient paradigms of prophecy, the article explores the key features of the genre. Considering four key time-travel themes — the self-fulfilling prophecy, predictive policing, evil time-travelers, and getting one shot to undo a fateful moment — the article discusses how time-travel movies express subtle (and not-so-subtle) critiques of cornerstone legal concepts such as mens rea, culpability, obedience to law and individual freedom, regulation of information asymmetries, and negligence. Through this analysis, the article aims to introduce time-travel movies into the broader field of law and film studies.
Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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