June 27, 2017

Law In Popular Belief: A New Book From Manchester University Press @ManchesterUP

New from Manchester University Press:

Law in Popular Belief (Anthony Amatrudo and Regina Rauxloh, eds., 2017).

From the publisher's website:

In recent years there has been a significant growth in interest of the so-called "law in context" extending legal studies beyond black letter law. This book looks at the relationship between statute law and legal practice. It examines how law is applied in reality and more precisely how law is perceived by the general public in contrast to the legal profession. The authors look at a number of themes that are central to examining ways in which myths about law are formed, and how there is inevitably a constitutive power aspect to this myth making. At the same time they explore to what extent law itself creates and sustains myths. The book will be of general interest to a number of different disciplines such as legal theory, general law, criminology and sociology.


Introduction - Anthony Amatrudo and Regina E. RauxlohPart I: Perception shaped by traditional media1 Criminology through the looking glass - Colin Sumner2 What do they know of law who only cop shows know? Anthony Amatrudo3 Regurgitating the media image: toward a phenomenology of the 'visible' in criminal justice - Matthew R. Draper and David PolizziPart II: Perception shaped by other means4 'Kony is so last month' - lessons from social media stunt 'Kony 2012' - Regina E. Rauxloh5 A comparative analysis of the criminal and civil justice systems in England and Wales - Matthew R. Smith6 Beliefs about the European Court of Human Rights in the United Kingdom Parliament - Paul Johnson7 Forward! Coding, de-coding, and re-coding law in public art for urban regeneration - Ronnie LippensPart III: Perception of those at the fringe of society8 Criminology and the legacies of Clarice Starling - David Wilson9 Letters to Casey Anthony, a woman accused of murder - Lizzie Seal10 The gypsy's lot: myth and reality - Robert Jago 

Law in popular belief

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