June 9, 2017

Finding Meaning In "The Sopranos"

Rachel DiCarlo Currie interprets the David Chase series "The Sopranos," and offers us an explanation for the mysterious ending. More here at Acculurated. 

More about The Sopranos in the materials below.

G. Gabbard, The Psychology of the Sopranos: Love, Death, Desire, and Betrayal in America's Favorite Gangster Family (Basic Books, 2008).

Martha P. Nochimson, "Whaddya Lookin' At?" Re-Reading the Gangster Genre Through "The Sopranos," 56 Film Quarterly 2-13 (Winter 2002).

Reading the Sopranos (David Lavery ed., I. B. Taurus, 2006).

The Sopranos and Philosophy: I Kill, Therefore I Am (Richard Greene and Peter Vernezze eds., Open Court, 2004).

Maurice Yacowar, The Sopranos on the Couch (Continuum, 2003).

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