June 20, 2017

Forthcoming: The Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature, 1500-1700 @ArsScripta @maksdelmar @OUPAcademic @ChrisVVarren

Now available on Google Books (before it's available for purchase): The Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature, 1500-1700 (Lorna Hutson, ed., OUP, 2017).   Available July 22.

This volume contains amazing essays from leading scholars, including Christopher Warren, Simon Stern, Lorna Hutson, Peter Goodrich, and Kathy Eden. See below for the impressive list of contributors.

Here's the Google Books link to the contents.

A must buy (though it's pricey) if you are in this field. Maybe put it on the holiday want list?

List of contributors
Alastair Bellany, Rutgers University
Martin Butler, University of Leeds
Alan Cromartie, University of Reading
Frances E. Dolan, University of California, Davis
Martin Dzelzainis, University of Leicester
Kathy Eden, Columbia University
Peter Goodrich, Cardozo School of Law
Paul D. Halliday, University of Virginia
Edward Holberton, University of Bristol
Robert Allan Houston, University of St Andrews
Daniel Hulsebosch, NYU School of Law
Lorna Hutson, University of Oxford
David Ibbetson, University of Cambridge
Norma Landau, University of California, Davis
James McBain, University of Fribourg
Margaret McGlynn, Western University
Bernadette Meyler, Stanford University
Mary Nyquist, University of Toronto
Joshua Phillips, University of Memphis
Paul Raffield, University of Warwick
Joad Raymond, Queen Mary University of London
Jason P. Rosenblatt, Georgetown University
Carolyn Sale, University of Alberta
Ethan H. Shagan, University of California, Berkeley
Barbara J Shapiro, University of California, Berkeley
James Sharpe, University of York
Quentin Skinner, Queen Mary University of London
Nigel Smith, Princeton University
Virginia Strain, Loyola University of Chicago
Tim Stretton, Saint Mary's University
Henry S. Turner, Rutgers University
Elliott Visconsi, University of Notre Dame
Christopher N. Warren, Carnegie Mellon University
Ian Williams, University College London
Jessica Winston, Idaho State University
Andrew Zurcher, University of Cambridge

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